Life Quotes : You Can’t Compete With Class And

Life Quotes : You Can't Compete With Class And

  • You don’t stand a chance! Grow up some and once you are older and have actually been through some stuff we’ll talk.
  • You cant compete when you dont compare. And truthfully. I feel sorry for you. Living in my shadow, knowing that no matter how hard you try you will never ever come close to comparing to me? It must be very defeating.
  • YOU can’t compete where you don’t compare.-this my ex wife should learn lol
  • You really cant compete when he pays you no attention either. Your embarrassing yourself.
  • Get it straight honey you can’t compete with me when you’re not even close to comparing with me. You think you’re all high and mighty. I’ll let you believe that so you can sleep at night. Little do you know you’re the sheep while I’m the Shepard
  • Nope, I don’t compete with worthless trash with nothing and agenda to fake love and get a “good provider”. You don’t compare.
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