Humor Quotes : Gutter Sluts And Wine Don’t Mix.they’ll Turn

Humor Quotes : Gutter Sluts And Wine Don't Mix.they'll Turn

  • View our painting classes calendar to paint and drink wine at Painting with a Twist in Avon IN.
  • Always time for one more glass
  • Coming from a girl who drinks maybe twice a year, it is super entertaining being the sober one all the time!
  • not sure how she drinks that shit.
  • yeth, yeth I can.
  • So funny! Love these funny cards! Have another glass of wine!
  • new favourite blunt cards
  • Hahahahahaha, except I don’t need wine to muck up the English language!
  • Hahaha I don’t even drink wine, but this is hilarious.
  • Too funny! Give the girl another glass!
  • Might actually have a glass tonight 🙂
  • make mine vodka
  • LOL this reminds me of Patch even tho we never really drink wine.
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