Funy Quotes : They’re Annoying Af

Funy Quotes : They're Annoying Af

  • My exact question
  • i love hearing the birds so damn happy in the morning!
  • I do not need an alarm clock between the crows, Ravens, Robin’s and turkeys, it is rare to sleep past AM.
  • Lol had to be included. a pinch of morning crankiness!
  • i often ponder this. The noisy little bastards lol
  • A Giggle With Some Insight!
  • I love birds, Bridgett i will fite u
  • Haha, I’m not a morning person either 😀
  • fax like tf ya waking me up for
  • i’ve been asking this question for years, finally someone wants the answer to the same question too
  • Really good question
  • I’ve heard em’ at
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