Talking Quotes : There’s A Difference Between Shit About

Talking Quotes : There's A Difference Between Shit About

  • My only regret was my delivery but what I said was true and that’s why it pisses you off so much. The truth hurts, I understand that.
  • The truth hurts, I understand that sorry if ur not use to hearing what a fucked up selfish heartless shitty person u are Jorge Alvarez Herrera unlike u I don’t lie to people especially the ones I care about ass hoe!
  • I never regret telling the truth. I never regret loving a person. I never regret moving on in life. I never regret being me. I never regret being a mother. I never regret.
  • I try to never ever post anything with swear words yet I’ve learned it’s ok to tell the truth so that others may be warned of a toxic (not sh! We can still love the person but from a distance.
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