True Quotes : So Excited Tho

Excited seems like an understatement. Things certainly aren’t the way we want them yet, but baby we will get there! For now I am grateful and thankful for every moment we share, and I love you more and more everyday! I love my life 🙌🏻 Most days Affirmations Positivity

True Quotes : Whats Ur Name Again?

Wordddd to ya mother Who’s that dude? I wish! Too bad he doesn’t leave me alone! Shouldn’t have told him we could be friends. i don´t know you All day long baby Lmao true this My amnesia kicks in tell it sista “ on today we are remembering exes, you remember thaaaaaaaaaaat one,yeah describe them

True Quotes : Hahaha Some Times

All the damn time funny, g, hilarious, laugh, laughing Being savage AF is a way of life. sometimes i say it out loud and then people look at me like i’m schizophrenic I’m just savage AF, to be honest. Only out loud in the car to other drivers. Um yes. Hanger is real y’all.