Sad Quotes : I Can’t Imagine Life Without You❤️

Sad Quotes : I Can't Imagine Life Without You❤️

  • Cuz u still the SCRUB N NASTY AS FUCK . so watch where u throwing the words cuz I wasn’t poor growing up n still far from poor or scrub
  • Thats for being another reason i smile and laugh during the day. Thank you for being here with me my love. I hope i can bring you joy and happiness forever my love. I will make it my goal to bring a smile to your face forever and always
  • Sleeping in your arms will make me smile tonight.
  • literally how i feel about jungkook ~
  • This one goes to Noah. I wish I got to know you sooner.
  • Thanks babe for being the person that brightens my day for being that fiancé that i thought i would never find. You out of anyone in the world knows i dont have much to offer but love is what i do have that can last for a lifetime:))))
  • Cause your lying, skanky, bitch ass is out of my life. My life is a better place without you.
  • For sure❤️ Just when I thought the sun would not shine! My world is such a beautiful place with u in it!
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