Quote : Please Use The Makeup Well. Don’t Just Make Your

Quote : Please Use The Makeup Well. Don't Just Make Your

  • This is why I don’t wear makeup yet. There are many people I know that wear a lot of makeup and it takes away from their natural beauty.
  • Even though I don’t wear makeup up still see some people walking around like they have got their makeup tips from a clown!
  • Not a coloring book!
  • This post is so true. Girls you don’t need makeup trust me you are beautiful the way you are. This isn’t just a teenager post it’s for all the girls out there. Makeup just covers up your real beauty.
  • Tbh I don’t really wear that much makeup on a day to day basis. But the majority do and it’s like calm down with the makeup.
  • Some teens have dual purpose machines for their makeup. It all fits nicely in their roller luggage makeup case!
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