People Quotes : I’m Not An Option, A Necessity. Either You

People Quotes : I'm Not An Option, A Necessity. Either You

  • Theres no hesitation. He hesitated between divorce and other people! I am a fucking mess. This will not end well although Im proceeding through hell. I loved him with my being my whole being.
  • I will never compete. I may forgive you but I will never trust you again. I will not continue to seek you out and I will be uncomfortable in your presence forever.
  • If you hesitate when choosing between me and another woman or anything that you think is more important than me don’t choose me.
  • She chose the easier road. She chose the road that leads nowhere in the end. She chose to settle for what she knows was wrong instead of continuing to work for what’s right.
  • I will never compete (pride? Too much love? So many possibilities)
  • It’s ok i understand, it won’t hurt me. it happens all the damn time. why would you pick me anyways?
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