Minons Quotes : Funny But True!

Sorry, I forgot it from another by eniewan I’m gonna just show this to a bunch of nosy people I know lol This picture makes me laugh. The way that Briony is always in Cecelia’s business. I can use this one frequently. too many people think they belong there only time I will post minion

Random Quotes : That Burned A Little

Honestly I want someone to notice anyone to care. I want someone to at least notice that I’m not myself that I am not only alone but I want someone to just fucken care! depressing but sometimes feels true 🙁 all of my friends and family would be better off without me i should probably

Fun Quotes : Lmfao Call The Boss Crying Again

Yep, that describes you, psycho. corina was here 🙂 Not that stable. *ahem* Will Graham. six word stories Every interior design student ever for Adri. Yes I’m emotionally knick knacked (Choking On My Water – Pass it on) So me ♡♡♡, whatever, I’m owning it~ New life motto Emotionally stable as an Ikea table