Media Quotes : I’m Too Forgiving. I Know People Can’t

Media Quotes : I'm Too Forgiving. I Know People Can't

  • This is very fitting! He’s blind to everything so he will never change!
  • My Fault. No matter How much you think Your helping them nothing Will make a diference If They think Its Ok
  • A difficult truth to accept.
  • “and, you can’t change someone who does, but THEY can.”(comment from previous poster) – So True!
  • Boy, isn’t that the truth.
  • For those fools always feeling some type of way and those who judge others but not themselves or their own actions haters always gona hate so let’em
  • No you can’t. They are like addicts. They need to want to change
  • Even more so we can’t change anyone at all. Only they can make that choice for themselves.
  • you can’t change someone who doesn’t see an issue in their actions
  • So thankful that both my husband and I can see when we are wrong and admit to our mistakes and work at being better.instead of just denying everything and blaming everyone else and being a victim!
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