Lolsotrue Quotes : Sarcasm At It’s Finest.

Lolsotrue Quotes : Sarcasm At It's Finest.

  • Wish i could say this and not be considered rude
  • Use on the Idiot!
  • Why do I want to insult people so much?
  • Loll, get it!
  • conosco qualcuno che lo farebbe (io per prima.
  • Put some ice to that burn
  • // don’t let them steal your smile //
  • Need to remember this for my eye-rolling students
  • Keep rolling your eyes, maybe you’ll find brain back there!
  • Hey, I’ve been looking for that thing for months!
  • Lol so true
  • I feel like somebody I know would say this-jemma
  • Amen, sister(or brother)!
  • oh my gosh, I hate when people roll their eyes.
  • Here’s to u madi
  • Haha a good comeback for any future arguments
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