Life Quotes : Being Left Out. I’m Not Angry Hurt.

Life Quotes : Being Left Out. I'm Not Angry Hurt.

  • A lot of people aren’t worth the tears.
  • And when you are done crying, pick yourself up and realize YOU ARE WORTHWHILE, YOU HAVE VALUE. You should keep your self respect and hold your head up and move forward.
  • friends lie and hide truths) Coulda Shoulda Woulda told myself this last year if the person I was last year wasn’t some weak little girl crying over a boy that doesn’t even matter to me anymore.
  • hmmm, if we are going to be lied to, left out, talked about and used — WE Need to just let go and Move On !
  • Sad when it’s all done by the same person. Or they get the entire family involved. Being used and devalued is my favorite.
  • Today is the day I finally decided to walk away from you. I finally left and I’m so proud that I did that
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