Funniest Quotes : That’s When The Swear Words Come Out

Funniest Quotes : That's When The Swear Words Come Out

  • Fkn Love this!
  • Puss in Boots 😺
  • Ok this is just funny!
  • I’m laughing this is so stupid and this is sO ME
  • Hitting the fan
  • makes me want to write.
  • Hold my morals I have some sketchy Shit to take care of
  • Yass queen you go get that shit!
  • Did you mean: Kaz Brekker (except he never had any morals to begin with)
  • Careful, they’re questionable.
  • maddox x thorvald
  • Tell that friend that’s willing to be crazy wit.
  • Here’s an old drop side crib that I found a new use for. I re-purposed it into a bench.
  • Ooo I like that phrase! When can I use that irl?
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