Favorite Quotes : There’s Always A Little Truth Behind Every

Favorite Quotes : There's Always A Little Truth Behind Every

  • speak-softly-my-love: Q very wise person told me this is true!
  • A little Truth Knowledge Emotion Pain
  • I love to laugh, be humorous and silly. However, I rarely ever say the word “just kidding.” I think We can still be silly without hurting someone.
  • Yep, most of the time
  • arnold-ziffel: “Behind every “OK” or “It’s Nothing”… there is always something. Time to listen.
  • This is the truth bae remember everything your doing to me it’ll come back ten times worser.
  • So true life is amazing, but not always pretty.
  • I find this to be so true, especially for the first one,`cause my friend ALWAYS says “JUST KIDDING” after she have seen that I myself or others are getting
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