Daily Quotes : Don’t Waste Your Time With Limited Minded

Daily Quotes : Don't Waste Your Time With Limited Minded

  • I wish I heard matured in my twenties. I wouldn’t have wasted my breath or my time on their lame asses.
  • My reactions are only for the ones u can take ur drama and shove it up ur ass
  • Yep don’t care what other people think of you any longer, not protecting your fake public image any longer. No more being your enabler by lying to myself, my parents, my sisters.no more–My husband Thomas is an abuser.
  • I knew I matured when my friends partied more than I did, and I used to be the leader of the pact.
  • i knew i matured when i realised every situation doesn’t need a reaction. sometimes you just gotta leave people to do the lame shit they do. Moving on
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