Quote : Because I’m An Alcoholic, Right?

Quote : Because I'm An Alcoholic, Right?

  • Made me laugh.
  • Too funny!
  • I wish this to be a text auto-response!
  • Or wine isle
  • A friend pointed out that you could substitute bookstore for liquor store.
  • Sad when a bottle can represent than one bad childhood memory. Yet those same bottles remind me of when I lost more and more of my sanity.
  • Checking in on how you are doing.
  • Thinking positive 🙂
  • My happy place
  • In a good place right now. not emotionally. I’m just at the liquor store.
  • I don’t know why, but I find this utterly amusing.
  • ? if only this said game shop it would b perfect or alone
  • Night Time Fantasy — goodgirlgonewildmontreal: Happy Friday my loves!
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