Afraid Quotes : I Love Wolves So Much “i Threw Myself To The

Afraid Quotes : I Love Wolves So Much

  • Ina about the starks (minus throwing herself as her mother did it)
  • Hunter and Blaise
  • This what I am going to tell ppl when they ask abt my obsessiveness to teen wolf.
  • You are not a wolf, but a cheap sheep. Isra Al-Thibeh
  • ♡ angel of the red court.
  • r: sevro & darrow
  • They were wolves. Not because they were viscous but because they we loyal and because of the love they had for the family they built from scratch.
  • and then they ate me lol rip
  • Sometimes, if you just listen you’ll learn things you’ve never learned before.
  • Happy Stars Shine The Brightest -{ Maybeanothername }×
  • I study wolves in their wisdom, honesty, tenderness and devotion. I I all of this give up his wolf and his pack.
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